According to information from Wikipedia:
Volunteering, or voluntary activity (from the French volontaire
(volunteer) → lat. voluntarius → lat. voluntas (free expression of will) → lat. volō (desire, intention)) is a voluntary socially useful activity. It can be carried out by both individuals and organizations.
The Law of Ukraine “On Volunteering” defines it as a voluntary, non-profit socially oriented activity, which is carried out by volunteers through the provision of volunteer assistance (free work and services). According to this law, volunteer activity is a form of charitable activity and is based on the principles of legality, humanity,
equality, voluntariness, gratuity and non-profit.

According to some estimates, every year in the world in volunteer
more than 100 million people participate in the activity.
According to my own (almost scientific definition):
Volunteering is a conscious, socially responsible manifestation
social activity of citizens. I understand,
that such a definition is perceived as “dry” and by no means romantic, but it more accurately defines the nature of this phenomenon. As for the nature of Volunteerism, in my opinion, the roots of its origin lie in the category of “human feeling”. Just like “devotion”, “love”, “sense of duty” – Volunteering is a combined manifestation of human feelings.
In peacetime, of course, I heard and knew about Volunteerism. Even
communicated and cooperated with people who provided assistance to the sick, people with special needs and the elderly. But I perceived it as a certain form of public social work, for which I was probably not internally ready.

war time
connected with Moscow’s military aggression against sovereign Ukraine — fundamentally changed everything. From the first hours of the attack, the State and People of Ukraine faced a large number of challenges and tasks, on the urgent solution of which the lives of your relatives, friends and acquaintances directly depended. By the way, I personally have
the concept of “strangers” instantly disappeared! Everyone around became one big “Ukrainian Family” which was insidiously attacked by a cruel enemy and which united for the heroic defense of their country, our common home.

Wartime volunteerism, which has developed rapidly since February 24, 2022, has become a phenomenon of unifying civil unity and human dignity not only in Ukraine but throughout the world.

From the first days of the war, we united and started our activities in Kyiv — we built barricades, made very incendiary cocktails “Bendera Smoothies”,
they prepared food, delivered medicine and dressing materials, and then…

And then the range of tasks and the geography of activity expanded significantly.
During this time, we have found many like-minded and loyal partners in different parts of Ukraine and abroad. As they say, “It’s easier to beat the father in a group”, and we have someone to beat! Only he to us –
not a father and never will be, but we respect, value and protect our Fathers.
Solving complex logistical and organizational issues, we learned how to interact harmoniously with thousands of individual volunteers and with dozens of volunteer and charitable organizations. Thus, the idea to create the “International Voluntary Movement #INTERHELPUA” was born.
“International Volunteer Movement #INTERHELPUA”, is not an Organization, but a democratic platform online and offline
of partnership interaction, which provides an opportunity for volunteers from all over the world to coordinate their efforts to provide effective assistance to Ukraine.
Platform “International Volunteer Movement #INTERHELPUA”,
these are protected from the enemy, but accessible and easy to use: an Internet portal, a social chat, a single official electronic register of volunteers, an interactive board of urgent announcements and the Internet publication “Volunteer News Service” (SVN). All this is a universal, convenient, modern, communication tool of volunteer activity.

we will talk in detail about each proposed direction of joint volunteer activity and will provide detailed instructions on using the proposed communication tools of the Platform. Join and register through the electronic registration form offered to you.

We all have a lot of work ahead of us.
Together we will definitely defeat the enemy!

We will win, and then we will restore destroyed cities and villages, infrastructure and industry, our family homes. We will build a NEW, MODERN, INNOVATIVE, PEACEFUL, HAPPY UKRAINE!

The initiator of the creation, the Chief Coordinator of the “International Volunteer Movement #INTERHELPUA” –
Yuriy Leskov