According to the approved Charter, the PUBLIC ORGANIZATION “INTERNATIONAL AGENCY FOR HUMANITARIAN AND ECONOMIC COOPERATION WITH UKRAINE” (“IAHECU”) is a voluntary association of individuals, created to exercise and protect the rights and freedoms of man and citizen, to satisfy public, in particular, economic, social, cultural, educational and other interests of its members and other persons.

“IAHECU” was registered by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on July 7, 2022 (code EDRPOU44835498) and entered into the State Register of Non-Profit Organizations of Ukraine.

Popularization of Ukraine on international arenas, improvement of positive image of Ukraine in the world, expansion of international cooperation, as well as promotion of active humanitarian, cultural, social and economic growth of Ukraine.

The main areas of activity of the Organization are:
 Promoting the maximum popularization of new opportunities of the state of Ukraine, as a large country, on all international platforms.
 Promoting the active humanitarian, cultural, social and economic growth of Ukraine through the implementation of joint multi-sectoral projects with the involvement of internal and external partners, investors, sponsors, patrons, donors and benefactors.
 Using all the advantages of multi-vector public diplomacy, ensure the creation of favorable conditions for improving the positive image of Ukraine in the world and expand the geography and directions of international cooperation.
 Promotion of sustainable development of Ukraine and its specific districts, united territorial communities and population.
 Exchange of experience and cooperation with charitable and public organizations, development of international relations, promotion of implementation of scientific and educational programs.
 Comprehensive support for the protection of rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of people and associations of citizens.
 Facilitating the practical implementation of national, regional, local and international programs aimed at implementing reforms in the legal system, observing human rights and establishing the rule of law.
 Promotion of the fight against corruption, adaptation of the legislation of Ukraine to the legislation of the European Union (EU), developed democratic countries of the world.
 Carrying out analytical studies, public monitoring.

It was created as an effective democratic instrument of international cooperation, on the basis of public diplomacy and public-private partnership, for the purpose of active assistance and the promotion of a faster victory for the Ukrainian people during the full-scale aggression of Russia against Ukraine.
And also to provide, together with international partners, a full range of measures necessary for the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine’s infrastructure and the development of its economy.

“IAHECU”, together with the international charity fund “NARODNA CROWDFUNDING PLATFORM” and the international charity fund “EUROPEIAN UKRAINE” created the INTERNATIONAL HUMANITARIAN ALLIANCE and started the INTERNATIONAL VOLUNTEER MOVEMENT #INTERHELPUA.





Charity, also charisma, is an invaluable aid to those who are not associated with the charity. Charity is based on both volunteer and professional activity of philanthropists, charitable organizations and charitable foundations, which is focused on help and improvement of society, its individual beliefs or persons.
Charitable activities — Voluntary personal and/or property assistance to achieve the goals set by the Law, which do not provide for receiving profit from the charity, as well as payment of any reward or compensation to the benefactor on behalf of or on behalf of the beneficiary.
philanthropist is an effective natural person or legal entity of private law who voluntarily performs one or more types of charitable activity.

No man in the world was born benefactor.
Charity is not a talent or profession. Charity is the conscious need for your own soul, heart and mind — to help those who need it now!
The value of the aid is not measured by its size or the number of zeros in the amount of the spent funds. The value of charitable aid – in its timeliness and sincere act of benefactor.
During the war, it is very important!
I am an ordinary man, not an oligarch, not a millionaire, and not an owner of a large financial-industrial corporation. My own articles, unfortunately, do not allow me to independently solve the issue of providing big, global assistance. But I do what I can do myself and apply for support to my friends in Ukraine and around the world.
And you know what is pleasant? I feel a lot of people and join! When in Ukraine there is a brutal war for the right to freedom and civilized life of all mankind, the number of conscious benefactors, directly, depends on the number of lives saved and our common victory.


a person who enjoys assistance
Other people, public activist, BENEFACTOR